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The one man army who has already taken over the YouTube with his humorous vines with a pint of common man life and basic delhite vocal. This man has shown the world how one's dedication and perseverance can lead to success in his/her lives.

➧He has estimated monthly earning from youTube itself is  15 - 35 lakh.
And you can also reckon how much he charges for shows and concerts all over the country.


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Yes, this overweight bulky bastard has made into our top youtuber list with a wicked humour and cofounder of A.I.B. (All India Backchod) team. Thhis team has the most qualified viners with most having a graduate degree from IITs and renowned institute. He is currently rubbing shoulders with the eminent personalities in the film industry.

➧ His estimated monthly earning is 5 - 15 lakhs.


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A south Indian stand-up comedian who is known for his shows in The Comedy Hunt all over the world has made into this list. He has a very basic instinct to portray daily stereotypes habits into humorous play. 

➧He has estimated monthly income of around 10 lakh.


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This is mine all time favorite with a talented and experienced team of comedians most of them are IITians or engineering students who were always ready to show their frustration in the form of comedy to the society in their act. This team has all the talent from good actors to good writers and who never fails to viewer's expectations upon their videos and shows. Currently this team has the best rated comedy shows on the YouTube India like Pitchers (who got the highest rating on IMDB 9.3 in the India's youtube history) , Permanent Roommates, and others shows which are always ready to blink on the trending page of the you-tube.

➧This team has a monthly earnings in 50 - 80 lakh total.


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The guy with the desi touch in his videos and accent has recently made it into the news after surpassing every other youtuber in a very short time without much struggle or efforts. The best thing in his videos is that his every single videos touches a viewer's heart from the simplicity of his act and theme. He has all the patience to answer and treat most of his fans regularly whenever possible. He has not carried away by his huge fan-base or fame until this date and is always ready to welcome his followers and greet them on the unexpected meetings.

➧He has estimated earnings of about 15 - 35 lakh every month.



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