Ripple Surges 80% To Become Largest Cryptocurrency

Largest Cryptocurrency

Ripple(XRP) cryptocurrency designed for financial institutions to processing cross border payments in seconds, is making history this month.
Ethereum and Bitcoin are the dialups of cryptocurrency. A transaction can sometimes take up to 35 – 40 minutes to clear with ETH and an hour or more with BTC, whereas Ripple(XRP) takes only seconds with Ripple’s XRP.
XRP token climbed more than 80% today, becoming the world's second-largest cryptocurrency.This jump in value has also increased its world ranking thereby making it the third largest crypto currency of the world with $55 market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Ripple has attracted a lot of investors, banks, and financial regulators across the globe due to its reliability, scalability, and security.

Largest Cryptocurrency

Ripple Predictions For 2018

By the end of 2018, the Ripple price is expected to cross the $5 barrier at least.
If you want to invest in Ripple(XRP) for quick gains within a few months to an year, it seems promising.
In 2018, it is expected to see a sharp upsurge in its price.


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