Blockchain advances are not held just for fintech and online services. They have substantially more extensive applications, and 3D-Token means to demonstrate it by enlivening a blockchain-based advanced industrial facility for in the nick of time fabricating.

The concept of just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing was first introduced in Japan in the 1970s by Toyota’s management team. The innovative idea quickly gained popularity as a revolutionary approach to production for it allowed waste reduction and business processes optimization. It gradually morphed into the lean manufacturing ideology and an integrated system for production management.
According to various studies carried out in the early 2000s, American companies that introduced JIT saw an average 70% reduction in inventory, a 50% drop in labor costs, and an 80% cut in space requirements over a period of five years post adoption.

3D-Token Combines JIT, Blockchain and 3D Printing

Politronica Srl and its research unit decided to take the idea to a whole new level to align it with the digital era. The company is a spin-off from Italian university Politecnico di Torino and has a solid track record of successfully implementing projects, as well as three patents and four international R&D awards. Currently, it runs a network of 100 3D printers and aims to increase the number to 3,000 in 2019 with a production capacity of up to 300 tons of processed bioplastics.

Token Sale Details

One investor in 3DT is - a pre-ICO token fund known for its zest for buying promising new coins at the earliest possible stages to get a preferential price. The project raised $1 million during the pre-sale and reached its soft cap.
The ICO started on January 1, 2018, and it has already moved onto the third stage, which will be live until February 11, 2018. If you are interested in the project, you can buy the tokens with a 25% discount, while those investing 10 ETH or more can get a personalized offer and assistance in exchanging USD/ETH. For more details, visit their official site or subscribe to their Facebook and Telegram for updates.

The 3D-Token (3DT) project will join the thousands of 3D printers in a blockchain-managed network to reduce production costs for small and medium-sized enterprises and stimulate innovative projects based on JIT manufacturing principles. Moreover, it will include a marketplace where users can exchange their 3DTs for digital models to be used in their projects or to invest in innovative projects. 3DTs will be tradable within the network at a fixed price equal to the maximum price at the ICO.


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