India's biggest infocomm industry Reliance has announced its first blockchain venture with a new crypto currency named after their telecom brand 'JIO' . The crypto currency and blockchain technology has become a trend among the youth of the world, therefore the Ambani's elder son Akash Ambani is all set to create its own crypto backed with 50 members team and a new vision. Reliance has always been successful in their stock prices and building value so they do not want to miss or lag behind this evolutionary blockchain technology period. Reliance jio has already won the hearts of every citizen of India with their telecom services and telecom revolution, and now they are entering into a whole new field with their best minds in the industry. For your knowledge, Jio company startup was the world's biggest startup with investment of 1.5 lakh crore and they are all successful by this date. So now you can also reckon from this, about the future potential of their upcoming crypto currency. It can change the outlook of whole financial system if adopted successfully. 1$ will be the launch rate for each crypto currency and will grow with a larger pace with growing popularity. 

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Reliance jio has planned to launch their crypto currency on their site as we can decipher from the recent news. Or they may announce their own trading exchange on one of jio website. It will be two months from now we will be able to buy these coins. Stay active on the jio website for latest news and their plans to sell off the currency. STAY UPDATED ! 



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