Bubbletone, the creator of the Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom, is partnering with the mobile virtual network operator Allo Incognito to offer greater connectivity to their customers. Bubbletone is introducing vast improvements to its mobile messenger app, including, in the future, blockchain components, to power Allo Incognito’s advanced call management capabilities. 
With the Bubbletone messenger integration, mobile subscribers can expect to see a greater selection of affordable plans, especially when traveling internationally. 
Bubbletone's own robust messaging application was developed for the needs of both mobile operators and their subscribers, expanding connectivity and providing tools to boost customer loyalty. It is designed to offer a secure connection with end-to-end encryption, video conferencing, voice calls and smart features like scheduled messaging and disappearing protected chats. 
Bubbletone’s next step is to do away with international roaming by launching a large blockchain-based infrastructure platform for the telecommunications market. A user traveling abroad can open the app and choose from a selection of plans on local networks and at local prices, which are much lower than the usual roaming rates. The user then pays for the plan and on arrival abroad becomes a local subscriber to a foreign mobile service provider, without ever having to switch SIM cards or phone numbers.
“Mobile operators can achieve profitable growth with the Bubbletone messenger app,” says Bubbletone founder Yury Morozov. “It helps reduce costs and increase traffic. By expanding service coverage, Bubbletone allows income to be generated in scenarios where normally operators would lose money.” Moreover, with the addition of the blockchain component, mobile operators will get a new revenue channel by offering a number of value-added service packages to their local subscriber base through the app. 
The telecom blockchain integrated with BubbleTone mobile app is set to be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February 2018. It will safely identify customers via digital identities and use smart contracts to complete transactions. The blockchain makes high data-processing speed possible, allowing procedures such as service package purchase to be fast and simple. “Building a blockchain for the telecom infrastructure is a demanding task, but it is well worth the efforts being a much less expensive solution than roaming with traditional telecoms,” notes Morozov.
More operators are set to join and use Bubbletone as their native app for subscriber marketing and coverage extension. Currently, negotiations are held with a pool of mobile carriers that collectively serve over 20 million subscribers. 
Bubbletone is now gearing up for its ICO to further develop and market this innovative system.  During the public coin offering, UMT tokens will be sold: they enable smart contracts to perform transactions on the platform and will also be used to refill the account balance to pay for telecom and value-added services. The pre-ICO has already started on January 20, 2018, and the public ICO will kick off on March 20, 2018.
For more information about the project, please go to www.bubbletone.io.


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