Charlie Lee and the NEO platform have been attacked

Send in a small amount of a coin to a specific address, and you would get 10 times the sum. This proposition has been spreading around Twitter, rolling in from counterfeit records. Until further notice, Charlie Lee, maker of Litecoin, and in addition the NEO stage have advised the informal organization of the trick. 

Coin giveaways are a staple on Twitter, generally done to advance a venture. In any case, giveaways don't request a crypto installment heretofore.
A comparative offer was seen for TRON (TRX), giving 1 million tokens, however expecting assets to a specific address. 
The con artists are hindering the official records and stay inconspicuous, and furthermore switch accounts regularly. 

The records focused on having a place with noticeable undertakings, or "crypto-VIPs", so it's best to know about comparable messages rolling in from any semblance of Vitalik Buterin. No doubt, the conspicuous crypto specialists would not manage increasing cash by 10 times. 

Luckily, not a solitary exchange was sent to the wallet address 

(0x956046fBbb1c3dbDB674AB5aAC7ff0e3704C5C21) dispersed by the phony Vitalik Buterin account. 

A while prior, the John McAfee Twitter was first cloned, at that point hacked, posting counterfeit "coin of the day" messages. Twitter is colossally persuasive in the crypto group, yet clients are ideally observing through the plan.

On account of McAfee, a dedicated website was created to list the spoof accounts and their outlandish claims.


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