On Wednesday (January 31), individuals were in for a triple regard as a blue moon, a supermoon, and an entire lunar obscuration — all moved into one.

Yesterday, we have posted the pic of super blue blood moon across the globe.


According to the Indian Express :

Excited to witness the event, many social media users took to Twitter to share their joy. Meanwhile, the others were – as usual – busy cracking jokes and making memes. While one user tweeted funny photoshopped images of what the moon might look like, others revealed how they were prepping for it. Read some reactions here.

Very excited for the tonight!
Sorry, I meant
Sorry, I meant
Sorry, I meant
Is it just me or does that emoji look like a cookie...
The of 31st Jan is the largest of 2018. It is also a , being the 2nd of the month, & a , as this is its colour during the that will also occur now. 8:26 EST, 13:26 GMT. Do you feel snowed under ?
Shall I sing "हम तो हैं परदेस में देस में निकला होगा चाँद " ?
When you be like ‘Dekho chand aaya, chand nazar aaya’ and decides to be like ‘Chand chupa badal mein’ ....

What do you think about the super blue blood moon? Please share your thoughts in comments. STAY TUNED !!



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