Have you invested in crypto earlier and is now anguished about frequent falls in crypto market ? Then this article will help you to understand it from its root structure

Every major cryptocurrency in the market has plunged to all-time low from recent upsurge and more than 200 billion US dollars has been wiped out from the market due to panic selling among investors.


This sell-off has been sparked by recent tougher regulations and norms in many major countries like China, Russia, Germany and South Korea.

➣China has already put a ban on all type of crypto trading a few months ago and now it is trying to clamp down on all illegal trading sites and investors by ruling out new tougher norms and bills against crypto holders. China's ministry and central bank have officially announced crackdown against all foreign trading sites access and platforms. The country has declared a full-fledged ban on all form of crypto trading.

South Korean government is also considering a total ban on crypto trading a country also accounts for the third largest crypto trading network. The step is justifiable as most of the youth of the country is moving towards crypto trading in hope of many folds gain on capital within short time-span and this is leading to the huge growth of unemployment in the country. The total crypto ban is hinted by the government to tackle the crypto menace in the country recently.

Russia Government is also trying to regulate cryptocurrencies by announcing a legislative council to monitor the much vulnerable cryptocurrencies from hack or security side.

Germany has also shown concern this week for volatility and security issues in the crypto market. Its government has suggested an International cooperation to regulate this market by saying - ""Effective regulation of virtual currencies would therefore only be achievable through the greatest possible international cooperation because the regulatory power of nation-states is obviously limited.”

  DEDUCTION - The recent proposed tougher norms is sparking a fear among investors forcing them to sell their long-holded cryptocurrencies at lower prices making as much gain as possible with dropping trajectory. Rapid sell-off of the assets always lead to plunging prices. This what is the proper explanation of unusual fall of the crypto market. The market has plunged from one trillion dollar to half a trillion dollar industry in few days, so from this one can conclude this recent fall. 


Conclusion - Blockchain has a huge potential to solve the biggest problems of humanity by creating new financial system and technology to manage every other activity on the planet through its faster and simple framework. Cryptocurrency too can play an equal role in managing our financial activity in the future without depending upon native currency institutions and banks. But notorious investors have turned it into a bloodbath by manipulating the market for their gains and also influencing the public to invest more with their capital and time in the crypto market. They have made it into a bubble which can burst easily by weak external factors despite having much potential. So should you invest more or not?? The answer to this really depends on you if you really see the technology changing our future or just a flick bubble of the decade. I personally think that this technology has a long way to go to be adopted by central institutions of our world. This would involve more secure crypto transactions and lesser volatility in the future.


I have been a developer for last five years working experience in different technology, apart from this I loved traveling, blogging and exploring the crypto world.

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