1. 'Kung-Fu Panda' (2008) was so successful in China that it caused a national debate on why Westerners made a better film about Chinese culture than the Chinese themselves.

2. 85% of bikinis sold never touch the water.

3. India consumes almost as much whiskey as the rest of the world put together. Instead of Scotch, Indians drink local varieties bearing Scottish-sounding names, such as McDowell’s or Bagpiper, that are made from molasses. 

4. When humans domesticated wolves, we basically bred Williams syndrome into dogs, which is characterized by "cognitive difficulties and a tendency to love everyone".

5. Due to the historically long bond between dogs and humans, dogs have evolved to understand human laughter.

6. Apples you buy in the grocery store are 5-12 months old. They are stored in a special low temperature, low oxygen (2%) environment, which preserves the nutritional content of the fruit.

7. Cats are happier and healthier when they are given “food puzzles” which help them follow their foraging instincts.

8. Cheetahs can't roar but instead meow like house cats.

9. Nokia was once famous as a manufacturer of toilet paper.

10. In Japan, '39' is common text speak for 'thank you', due to how 3 (san) and 9 (kyu) sound when spoken out loud.
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