Kelly Brook, an English actress, and model, supposedly has the perfect body, according to science.

One In A Million
Scientists from the University of Texas asked the opinion of men and women regarding what they think is the perfect body. Their build measurements were 34-24-34 which turns out to Kelly Brook’s build, which probably is the perfect build according to most people.

Each and every part of her body including hair, hips, waist, breasts, and face was part of the research and Kelly Brook came out on top in every single area

If you don’t believe them, take a look at this picture and ask yourself if you still have any doubts!

Fortunately, people didn’t vote for a stick figure build which seems to be the trend in the fashion world nowadays. A full figured woman is much better.

No matter what dress she is wearing, she is always a bombshell.

To be honest, we prefer when she’s wearing the minimum! Anyways, she probably is the “perfect woman” of this generation.


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