China has finally taken strict action against already controversial crypto trading in the country by restricting all the trading exchanges from access by the citizens. This step came after much warnings in last months by the Chinese government to halt the crypto activities in the country and urged the citizen to abandon trading once for all. There is a threat  to the country's economy due to volatility in the crypto market and it can destabilize the financial system of the country therefore Chinese government was skeptical about the crypto future from the starting. Finally it has made clear its decision by censoring all the trading exchanges in the country. This means no one can be able to buy or sell their already owned crypto currencies in the market as all the domestic exchanges got decommissioned this week or declared them illegal, against the laws. 

Ban Complete: China Blocks Foreign Crypto Exchanges To Counter ‘Financial Risks’

This will again lead to plunging of prices in crypto market and again it is a good time to own some crypto currency if you are a crypto enthusiast.No government can ban the crypto from the root because it is decentralized and do not depend on any institution to work in future. China is just looking for a short term solution by banning crypto instead taking steps to regulate the crypto market in the country. We all know crypto will be the future of the world if implemented correctly in the market, it has all the zest and creative minds in the business to do away with the limitations of current banking institutions. This China ban will just be a short-term bad phase in the crypto and blockchain technology in the coming future.


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