Another Indian Army camp has been assaulted, this time at Sunjuwan. Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) fear mongers sneaked into the camp in the early hours of Saturday morning, entered the family quarters of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and began terminating at 5 am. 

Starting at 1 pm, the loss of life remained at two jawans slaughtered and six, including the girl of a JCO, were harmed. The region organization has solicited schools inside 500 meters from the armed force camp to stay close. Terminating should have halted at 6 am, however there aren't any reports about whether the terrorist(s) are still stayed. The armed force is wanting to get them alive, however the task is in no way, shape or form over. It might take a couple of more hours, and the likelihood of more losses can't be precluded. 

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has addressed DGP of Jammu and Kashmir with respect to the occurrence. Media reports discuss the zone being cordoned off; they say the armed force will talk in regards to a "fitting reaction" at the time and place. Another surgical strike might be requested; the armed force will challenge Pakistan's atomic blustering; et cetera. Correspondents are requesting to know how the fear based oppressors figured out how to dive so deep into Indian region — as though this is occurring out of the blue as though Pathankot was spot on the fringe. The media is hypothesizing that Pakistan is "utilizing fear based oppressors since it's terrified of India". They are calling the psychological oppressors the 'Afzal Guru Squad of the JeM'.

No point in chasing elusive peace with Pakistan; better if India pays back in same coin



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