The Most Bubblelicious Butts on Instagram

1. Amanda Elise Lee

This Beverly Hills-based fitness trainer hasn't just mastered the art of taking a picture-perfect belfie — she's honed in on exactly which exercises lift her booty, to the delight of her 10.2 million followers. Here are the butt moves she performs on the regular.

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2. Jen Selter

Jen Selter has a belfie pose named after her: Just look up #seltering to figure out what that's all about. Then try Jen's go-to butt moves.

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3. Lyzabeth Lopez

Creator of the Hourglass Workout, this Canada-based fitness trainer is living proof that her hardcore moves deliver — that is, deliver a butt that looks remarkably like Kim Kardashian's.

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4. Julia Gilas

Fitness model Julia Gilas might make it look easy to win Instagram with belfies (after all, she's got 5 million followers) but her gym posts prove she puts in the time.

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5. Sommer Ray

Model Sommer Ray has 16.5 million Instagram followers — and a workout routine that explains her booty gains.

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6. Yovanna Ventura

That Yovanna can somehow make control-top tights look sexy speaks to her shapely appeal: The animal lover has a fierce fitness regime that helps her lift and round her backside.

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7.Bruna Rangel Lima

This Brazilian butt girl has an online booty-building guide, and you don't have to look much further than her Instagram page for proof that it can ~round~ out your routine.

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8.Sami B

A registered nurse and certified fitness trainer, Sami B shows her more than 861,000 followers how to slay booty workouts. #Buttspo, anyone?

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9. Melissa Molinaro

Dancer/model/fit girl butt workouts are no joke, according to the insanely difficult moves she posts on Instagram

10. Jessica Arevalo

Bodybuilder and model Jessica Arevalo aren't shy about showing off her booty or sharing her lower-body workouts, which might include 6 sets of 20 reps of barbell squats.

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