The hottest stars on YouTube might spend most of their time in pixelated worlds, but make no mistake: They’re collecting millions of dollars in cold, hard cash. Nearly half of our annual list of the top-earning YouTube celebrities are gamers, with gamers occupying the top two spots. 

1. Daniel Middleton -DanTDM (16.5 million dollars)

2. Evan Fong - VanossGaming (15.5 million dollars)

3. Dude Perfect (14 million dollars)

4. Mark Fischbach Markiplier (draw 12.5 million dollars)

5. Logan Paul (draw 12.5 million dollars)

6. Felix Kjellberg - PewDiePie (12 million dollars)

7. Jake Paul (11.5 million dollars)

8. Smosh (tie 11 million dollars)

9. Ryan Toys Review ($ 11 million times)

10. Lily Singh (10.5 million dollars)

Courtesy Forbes, images google


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