Companies like Cambridge Analytica use predictive analytics and behavioural sciences to draw trends based on user data, which can go a long way in influencing voters. Cambridge Analytica worked with presidential candidate Donald Trump during the last US elections. “Analysing millions of data points, we consistently identified the most persuadable voters and the issues they cared about. We then sent targeted messages to them at key times in order to move them to action,” the company’s website says about the US polls.

India, with one of the world’s youngest electorates, is a fertile ground for firms like Cambridge Analytica. In the 2014 polls, social media emerged as a vital campaigning tool. So much so that a large number of candidates listed their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts in their poll affidavits. And before the rise of the fake news phenomenon in the US during the last election cycle, these platforms had also been instrumental in spreading spurious information to influence Indian voters.

When 133 million young Indians cast their vote for the first time in the 2019 polls, these tools will come handy once again.

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Facebook is facing a crescendo of questions about how user data was harvested for political purposes, and for a second day investors dumped its stock over the risk the scandal poses to its business.

Some U.S. lawmakers are calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify. British members of Parliament are summoning Zuckerberg too. Frustration is brewing within Facebook. But for now Zuckerberg is remaining silent about the uproar.
Investors are taking the matter seriously. Facebook stock closed down 2.5% on Tuesday after falling as much as 6% in intraday trading. Tens of billions of dollars have been wiped off Facebook's market value this week.
The scandal erupted over the weekend when The New York Times and UK media reported that Cambridge Analytica tried to influence American voters using information improperly gleaned from 50 million Facebook users.
Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, but the ensuing controversy has seriously hurt the brands of both companies.
There's even a swell of search interest in "how to delete your Facebook account," although experts doubt Facebook will actually lose many users as a result.
In the wake of the damning stories, there may be multiple government investigations into Facebook's privacy practices.



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