Installments supplier FLEETCOR turns into the most recent to collaborate with Ripple for guiding the XRP-controlled xRapid item. 

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Commercial payments solutions provider FLEETCOR has partnered with Ripple, to launch a pilot program for Ripple’s xRapid payment network product.

As per a press release issued today, Cambridge Global Payments (a B2B international payments provider acquired by FLEETCOR last year) will pilot Ripple’s xRapid – an international payments network which utilizes Ripple’s native token XRP in payment flows for the purpose of providing on-demand liquidity. The product, according to Ripple, provides the dual advantages of reducing costs and increasing transaction speeds.

In an announcement issued on the association, Mark Frey (COO at Cambridge Global Payments) said his organization plans to convey choice cross-fringe installments benefits and is anticipating enhancing their customers' experience through the organization with Ripple.

Danny Aranda, Director (Business Development) at Ripple, additionally expressed that Ripple was anticipating working with accomplices like FLEETCOR and Cambridge, who "comprehend the advantages of advanced resources and are not kidding about utilizing XRP to defeat the wasteful aspects in the worldwide installment framework".

“We are excited for the insights this pilot program is expected to deliver, and we will use that information to help both Cambridge and FLEETCOR develop our use cases for blockchain in international payments,” said Frey.

Fintech startup Ripple is upheld by conspicuous budgetary foundations, for example, Standard Chartered and the Royal Bank of Canada. It plans to make blockchain-based worldwide installments answer for the match the present SWIFT framework.

As such, partnerships with established financial services providers are a top priority for Ripple; other companies who have recently teamed up with Ripple to test XRP for international payments include Amex, Santander UK, MoneyGram, Cuallix, and more recently IDT and MercuryFX.

While an increase in the number of partnerships is a positive development for Ripple, XRP continues to hover at a little below a dollar, owing primarily to the wider bearish trend which has gripped the crypto market.



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