Monero (XMR) is back as a top 10 coin ahead of the March 14 hard fork.

Monero (XMR) will be the star for no less than seven days more, as it is gotten by a pre-fork fever. On Monday, XMR proceeded with its solid execution in a generally stale market. XMR has added over 31% to its cost in seven days, achieving $367.22. The XMR cost has likewise recaptured its crest against Bitcoin and has been one of the uncommon coins to survive the move of BTC costs without getting exchanged into obscurity.

In the past month, XMR has been among the best-performing coins, growing more than 100% from the recent lows. But the recent uptick in prices, with a premium on Korean markets, may cause volatility. Forked coins in themselves may not be so interesting - but the hype and exceptional enthusiasm create just the right type of momentum and trading volumes for quick profits.

It is conceivable that XMR slides after the fork is finished. Now, the Monero people group is somewhat bound together, and there is no genuine requirement for an antagonistic fork to enhance the advanced resource. MoneroV might be only a system to accomplish quick pick up, in the way of Bitcoin forks. However, even without anyone else, the XMR showcase cost has held up all around ok, so while the post-fork offering may hurt the cost, for the time being, Monero remains a built up name in the crypto group.

What to Know About MoneroV

The MoneroV hard fork uses the same hashing algorithm as Monero. There have been warnings to avoid claiming the coins, due to the more lax privacy features of MoneroV. The exact dangers of exposing Monero addresses at this point are unknown.

The MoneroV hard fork has also seen copycat airdrops, which may be a scam. The MoneroV asset is not an Ethereum-based token, so users are advised to avoid those offers.

Curiously, the MoneroV Telegram channel is mostly silent, despite having upward of 2,000 members. As for the MoneroV hard fork support, Riccardo Spagni, former idea leader of Monero, has been skeptical and has warned against going for the split coins. In this, Spagni copies the move of Litecoin's creator, Charlie Lee, who also spoke against the recent Litecoin Cash hard fork.

The top exchanges that are used for trading Monero are BithumbBitfinex, and Binance. Market capacity is $5.8 billion which puts Monero at the ninth position among the top 10. Trading of amount $218 million has been completed in the last 24 hours.
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