The XEM asset has been sliding sharply despite positive longer-term expectations.

The market cost of NEM (XEM) at one point appeared to be set to move the resource for another value run, certainly above $1. Be that as it may, on account of XEM, the upward run ended up being brief. Regardless of numerous guarantees for 2018, the value development of XEM in the previous two months resembled a moderate movement pump and dump.

XEM slid to $0.40, not so distant from the current conventional scope of $0.22, where the benefit remained for a considerable length of time.


It seems XEM has not shaken off the Coincheck heist. These days, the Japanese exchange is offering withdrawals at $0.80 cents per XEM coin. At first, investors were skeptical about the cash payout, but after the recent drop in prices, the effect may, in fact, be positive.

However, withdrawals of crypto coins have been incapacitated from the trade, adding to a feeling of unease with financial specialists. Right now, just ZAIF is the most dynamic market for XEM, yet even there, 24-hour volumes have tumbled to around $4 million. Add up to XEM volumes have dwindled to $19 million out of 24 hours.

On the positive side, the ATUM venture has picked the NEM to organize for its blockchain-based arrangement:

ATUM is a bio-engineering company aiming to bring decentralized technology to DNA research, providing a real-life use case for the NEM network. Despite the recent bout of bad publicity related to the Venezuelan Petro crypto asset, NEM continues to seek partnerships with business and government organizations, aiming to provide a suitable technological standard for large-scale, crucial computing and record-keeping. View image on Twitter

At the moment, there is still confused whether the Petro would launch as a NEM-based asset, or revert to the Ethereum network. 
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