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San Francisco: A day after Google announced the addition of six new voices to its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Assistant, users in the US can now change the voices of their assistants, a media report said. Google at its annual developer conference Google I/O on Tuesday announced that people would soon have a choice of choosing from six voices, including one of musician John Legend, to talk to “Google Assistant”.

With these six options, which feature both male and female voices, there are now four different female voices and four different male voices, all speaking in different tones, 9to5google reported on Wednesday. If users want to change the Assistant’s voice, they can first launch the Home application.

Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the display, locate the Google Assistant subheading and then select More settings. From a list of sub-menus, choose Preferences and then open Assistant Voice and choose the voice you want. Users can tap on each of the eight voices to hear before choosing the desired voice.

This voice could be used to interact with the Assistant in smartphones, Google Home, Android Auto and Android TV. Company CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has been working on newer and more life-like version of its spoken AI that features the natural voice that is “closer to how humans speak”.

The improvements include more natural pauses “that have meaning” and other subtleties to help create a “more natural dialogue” with Assistant. This new version of the Assistant is built on a tech machine learning technology called Wavenet, which the company started building out some 18 months ago.
Blog about cryptocurrency, latest news, celebrity, Bollywood news, facts, riddle, Interesting facts, daily facts, amazing facts and latest trends.


Let me freak you out for a second. You know what Artificial Intelligence is right? I mean, no , but quickly, its a 'deep learning' that's basically enable machine to do the tasks which require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages. A.I. will be our future and every field in our industry and society is adopting it to move the humanity into a digitally-driven world. This deep learning can be put together to machine learning algorithm that can swap a recorded video with real-time face tracking, it means we can make anyone do the things and say the things in the video they never did. The last bit is where the freak-out comes in.

About DeepFakes

From the front page page of internet : reddit, here comes a redditor named deepfakes who has recently posted some hardcore porn featuring the faces of Scarlett johansson, Massie williams, Taylor swift and our wonder-woman Gal Gadot . Fake celebrity porn is a decade old practice but these videos are quite promising and opened a new darkest window for these fake artists.This is the same technology which created the late Paul Walker's postmortem performance in the FURIOUS 7.
It can easily fool anybody and is quite believable and also anyone who looks closely can easily trace the fake live faces in the video. But as a new comer in this genre, this is threatening for the world and throws a new possibility to the field of obscene content on the internet which will be completely un-ethical to the grounds.


Image result for deepfakes reddit GIF

↪The above video featuring Gal Gadot aka wonder woman is released by this deepfakes guy and it seems terrifyingly realistic. Although this is done via his technology to face  any swap with real time video editing software.There are many more videos with real porn act and having celebrities faces like Priyanka chopra, Massie Williams and other Hollywood actresses. You can easily access these deepfakes porn on any porn sites like pornhub.