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After clearing the tough supply zone, NEO is on a slow but steady climb to the top. The coin saw a 3% rise in the last 48 hours and the bulls are now eyeing up a reclaim of $100, which was last traded on March 8th.

The coin has formed higher lows and highs, moving inside an ascending channel on its 4-hour time frame. The price bounced off support but it’s hitting a ceiling at the mid-channel area of interest. If it is able to maintain these gains, the coin may soon face another test of support. However, if it manages to break past $90, it could easily move closer or even beyond the $100 level.

NEO has continued to face stiff resistance at the $80 levels and is trading at $84 as of press time. After moving above $80 on April 24th, the lack of buying and profit booking could fail to sustain the momentum. Thus go back below $80.

According to most analysts, the coin is currently trading inside a supply zone and could be drawn to the 100 mark before traders book more returns. In this case, another bounce off the resistance point is inevitable, which could lead to a larger correction for the digital currency. Additionally, there has been positive sentiments in the industry, thanks to increased regulations and a potential boost in liquidity from the institutional investors. As such, we expect the steady climb to continue.

Analysts forecast the NEO’s price at $355 by the end of the calendar year 2018. Moreover, the five-year forecast is around $1275. As such, if you are planning to invest for a long-term period, you could make significant profits from the coin. Additionally, on a five-year investment, you could still make some good return.

With the increased awareness of the coin and its asset digitization, NEO is on a slow but steady climb. And may have a lot of potential ahead.

Blog about cryptocurrency, latest news, celebrity, Bollywood news, facts, riddle, Interesting facts, daily facts, amazing facts and latest trends.

The progress of XRP (Ripple) happens so quickly that major news gets buried under FUD on a basis of seconds, but XRP transaction speeds have nonetheless surpassed VISA transaction speeds at a rate of more than two-to-one while few were noticing.

Because of recent updates to XRP, the alt-coin can now process 50,000 transactions per second compared to VISA’s 24,000 transactions per second.

The number of VISA transactions per second is publicly available information published at the VISA website portal, which cites testing of transaction speed that was conducted in 2010.

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XRP’s 50,000 transactions-per-second is information available at the Ripple company’s website portal that was updated in July 2017. However, recent XRP potential COBALT updates and system health decentralization improvements promise to further increase the transaction speed/capacity that the altcoin is capable of, as well as improve the safety of XRP transactions.

The improvement of transaction speed improves the likelihood of XRP (Ripple) adoption by the more than 100 banks that have confirmed the trial of Ripple technologies in their systems.

Banks have embraced the Ripple system so frequently that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented in a recent interview that the company would not announce more bank adoption numbers until they reach 200.

For those who are not aware of the difference between the Ripple company and the XRP alt-coin, Ripple is an international financial transaction company whose owners maintain the majority of the XRP alt-coin for business use—HODn XRP to ensure that banks and financial institutions that it conducts business with will have a sufficient amount of XRP to carry out cross-border fiat-to-fiat conversions and other similar uses of XRP that relate to financial transactions.

Although many in the cryptocurrency community interpret this business decision of the Ripple company to HOD their available XRP as an inherent flaw, for the average XRP investor, this decision is a boon since it permanently reduces the amount of the XRP alt-coin that is in circulation any given day in the trading community, and, most importantly, it ensures that the Ripple company can provide a sufficient amount of XRP to its financial partners.

Thus the value of XRP as an artifact and not as a utility increases, and thus the qualities of XRP an alt-coin simultaneously increase in its capacity to bridge artifact value and use-case value.

In the valuation analysis of alt-coins, two valuation systems have emerged. One that acknowledges the artifact value of an alt-coin that is tied to the limited number and the consequent desirability of cryptocurrency—such as the highly limited number of Bitcoin (BTC) that is available and that therefore makes the coin valuable for the simple fact that the number of Bitcoin (BTC) is limited (now at merely 21 million).

The other emerging consideration to the value of alt-coin involves the use-case of cryptocurrency. In this respect to use-case valuation, XRP is considerably in the forefront of most if not all cryptocurrencies because of the adoption of XRP by the financial sector—most notably to date by the Cuallix financial system, an international company that uses XRP to bridge cross-border fiat transactions and payments. Also, however, this use-case valuation is solidified by the Ripple company’s partnership with SBI Holdings, the leading financial service company in Japan. Their subsidiary, SBI Securities, is Japan’s largest online securities company with more than 4 million brokerage accounts.

SBI Virtual Currencies launched in beta on January 30 and is expected to soon launch in real time. The exchange is designed to provide a respected and reliable exchange for both its institutional customers and individual digital asset buyers in Japan. SBI Virtual Currencies will use XRP as the only digital asset supported at launch.


According to statistics available at, the number of XRP in circulation equals approximately 39 billion, having already neared the number of the alt-coin that is available to the public. According to information from the Ripple company, there are 55 billion of the XRP alt-coin that have been placed into escrow, with the allowance that the Ripple company can sell up to a billion per month. However, the Ripple company seems to be HODn its available XRP, and selling only millions of the alt-coin each month and placing the remainder back into a posteriorly-dated escrow, which means that the XRP that is not sold each month is then positioned to be sold at later than the original escrow timeline dates set by the company, decades down the line. Although each month the Ripple company releases some of the alt-coin to fund its business activity, the number that is sold monthly is low.

Thus there are only really about 6 billion XRP available to the general public, plus the few million that the company sells each month to fund its business activities.


Because XRP can process transactions twice as fast as one of the leading credit card companies in the world, and with more than a hundred banks looking at XRP as a potential artifact to execute cross-border transactions, and with most of the XRP that is available to the public now exhausted, the current undervaluation of XRP is self-evident. Look to XRP in the coming years to become the standard of value for alternative currencies, positioned to continue to lead the cryptocurrency world in use-case valuation.

ADVISORY: Some information in this op-ed was used verbatim from industry websites. Other information referenced comes from news reports. I am not a financial advisor and I do not recommend speculating in cryptocurrency. I own some XRP and other alt-coins, but I don’t day trade.
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The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) has published a list of objectives to encourage the development and standardization of the technology sector, including Blockchain, according to a document released March 23.

The document begins with an objective to “promote the establishment of […] the National Blockchain Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Committee” and further states that the committee will recommend standards “in Blockchain reference architectures, data format specification, interoperability, and smart contracts.”

The document also states that the new Committee will promote the creation and submission of standards “going out”, i.e. participating in the establishment of international standards in Blockchain technology.

CMIIT issued another announcement on March 23 stating that the day before, it concluded a forum exploring the use of Blockchain technology in China’s industrial sector. The press release says that CMIIT will continue to explore the topic.

Earlier in March, Cointelegraph reported that the government-backed Investment Association of China (IAC) is planning to create a Blockchain Investment Development Center. According a leaked document, the Blockchain innovation plan involves linking domestic and international resources, as well as investing in Chinese Blockchain projects, attracting foreign investment, and leading international Blockchain forums. According to one Chinese official referring to this document, an international Blockchain summit may be held in China in May 2018.

While the Chinese government has taken a hard line against cryptocurrencies, it appears to be embracing the underlying Blockchain technology. The Bank of China filed a patent in February 2018 for a scaling solution of Blockchain technology systems, while China’s top online retailer,, announced the launch of a startup incubator to attract foreign Blockchain projects.
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A drive to collect XVG for development efforts created a mix of enthusiasm and skepticism.

The Verge (XVG) project is holding a short-term fundraiser, raising 10 million coins in the past day. The renewed interest in the coin potentially affected the price, as XVG rose by about 7% in the past day, to $0.036.

But the terms of the extra funding are confusing and some voices are skeptical. The fundraiser aims to collect 75 million coins over the weekend with a deadline on Monday. Afterward, the Verge project has promised to release news regarding a business partnership.

Some believe the drive to collect funds for a reason seemingly unrelated to development is a form of a scam. However, the Verge community remains extremely active. The 75 million XVG coins are a tiny part of the 14 billion XVG in circulation. The amount of 75 million, however, could potentially sway daily trading.

The Verge project mentioned the potential for crowdfunding in the past year. More campaigns of this type are expected. The last call for funding in October was to support the testing of atomic swaps. Now, the team has made mentions that the potential partnership would not go through without the funding of $2 million. And since some exchanges call for listing fees, one possible answer to the question is a potentially unique exchange listing.

The XVG digital asset already trades on one of the most in-demand exchanges, Binance, as well as Bittrex. However, after a lot of enthusiastic newcomers came on board with Verge at very high prices, the market crashed, hitting the reputation of the coin.

The XVG rise from sub-penny prices began when the asset was promoted by John McAfee, in the short-lived daily coin series. Since then, other promoted coins have spiked and tanked as the December altcoin market proved to be overheated.

In theory, XVG remains one of the big gainers in the past 12 months, with spectacular returns even at around 3 cents.

However, trading volumes have thinned out, and any selling has the potential to crash the price. So far, the community keeps the coins, expecting a recovery in altcoins.

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Monero (XMR) is back as a top 10 coin ahead of the March 14 hard fork.

Monero (XMR) will be the star for no less than seven days more, as it is gotten by a pre-fork fever. On Monday, XMR proceeded with its solid execution in a generally stale market. XMR has added over 31% to its cost in seven days, achieving $367.22. The XMR cost has likewise recaptured its crest against Bitcoin and has been one of the uncommon coins to survive the move of BTC costs without getting exchanged into obscurity.

In the past month, XMR has been among the best-performing coins, growing more than 100% from the recent lows. But the recent uptick in prices, with a premium on Korean markets, may cause volatility. Forked coins in themselves may not be so interesting - but the hype and exceptional enthusiasm create just the right type of momentum and trading volumes for quick profits.

It is conceivable that XMR slides after the fork is finished. Now, the Monero people group is somewhat bound together, and there is no genuine requirement for an antagonistic fork to enhance the advanced resource. MoneroV might be only a system to accomplish quick pick up, in the way of Bitcoin forks. However, even without anyone else, the XMR showcase cost has held up all around ok, so while the post-fork offering may hurt the cost, for the time being, Monero remains a built up name in the crypto group.

What to Know About MoneroV

The MoneroV hard fork uses the same hashing algorithm as Monero. There have been warnings to avoid claiming the coins, due to the more lax privacy features of MoneroV. The exact dangers of exposing Monero addresses at this point are unknown.

The MoneroV hard fork has also seen copycat airdrops, which may be a scam. The MoneroV asset is not an Ethereum-based token, so users are advised to avoid those offers.

Curiously, the MoneroV Telegram channel is mostly silent, despite having upward of 2,000 members. As for the MoneroV hard fork support, Riccardo Spagni, former idea leader of Monero, has been skeptical and has warned against going for the split coins. In this, Spagni copies the move of Litecoin's creator, Charlie Lee, who also spoke against the recent Litecoin Cash hard fork.

The top exchanges that are used for trading Monero are BithumbBitfinex, and Binance. Market capacity is $5.8 billion which puts Monero at the ninth position among the top 10. Trading of amount $218 million has been completed in the last 24 hours.
More on Monero can be found here:
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A new release of Zcoin's desktop wallet now includes full onion routing integration and a security fix that will go live upon an anticipated hard fork in the cryptocurrency's blockchain.

Zcoin release a new More TOR-Friendly desktop wallet

The engineers behind the security arranged Zcoin wallet have quite recently discharged another variant that should take protection to a considerably larger amount.

As indicated by the official statement, the new wallet will incorporate all the more flawlessly with Zcoin's framework and enable clients to utilize onion directing (referred to conversationally as "TOR) for account verifications.

Zcoin's authentic declaration takes note of that one of the security fixes relies upon a hard fork that will occur on square 78500 in around two weeks.

The new wallet application ought to enable clients to arrange a TOR intermediary straightforwardly as opposed to having to "snare" onto the program (as they normally would) by utilizing certain onion directing applications like AdvOR, which can get carriage in a few examples.

We believe that update marks a major milestone in locking down Zcoin's fundamentals and privacy. With this implementation, Zerocoin will work even more smoothly with code which is easier to audit. There are a few more changes that will be noted by users, like re-index time, which is 7-8 times faster now and verification time per spend, which has decreased by integrating additional data in a spend transaction. Some bugs have been squashed as well,” said Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin
Mobile users will not be affected by the update since the official Zcoin wallet is designed to run only on desktop-based systems.

It seems that the strongest selling point of this update is the TOR integration although users will also be able to enjoy faster transaction speeds and a couple of bug fixes.

However, not all is rosy in the world of privacy coins. A recent event involving Zcoin has reminded us that human error continues to be a significant reason why people experience breaches and losses.

In mid-December last year, a Zcoin user was scammed out of $70,000 after someone convinced the person to transfer 1,000 XZC while purportedly helping with the setup of a Znode.

While it’s great to see developers keep the security of their applications tight, users must also make sure they don’t get complacent when using technologies.
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An application distributed on March first, 2018 shows that PayPal has petitioned for a patent that will permit speedier crypto installments to happen.

PayPal applies for a patent for faster crypto payments

The worldwide installment organization is looking for a quicker method to help the speed of digital currency installments.

The idea looks to address the issue of time when per taking crypto installments. Typically because of wellbeing measures, these exchanges take longer yet this new technique will decrease the measure of the time it takes for an exchange to experience between a purchaser and a dealer.

The strategy will enable PayPal to the alternate way the procedure that includes sending an exchange and waiting for it to be included the following square in the system.

To accomplish this PayPal has proposed a way that will consider the making of optional wallets that will have their own particular interesting private keys for merchants and purchasers.

The framework is intended to exchange private keys that compare to the correct number of any given digital money.

The application points of interest an equation in which private keys, which are fundamentally a series of letters and numbers that are utilized to execute and control one's crypto property – are changed between a purchaser and a vendor in the background.

A bit of the recording clarifies: 

"The frameworks and techniques for the present exposure for all intents and purposes dispense with the measure of time the payee must hold up to make sure they will get a virtual money installment in a virtual cash exchange by exchanging to the payee private keys that are incorporated into virtual money wallets that are related with predefined measures of virtual money that equivalent an installment sum distinguished in the virtual cash exchange." 

This accommodation is outstanding as it comes a long time after PayPal reported it had joined forces a few Bitcoin installment processors in a move that enabled traders to acknowledge cryptos through its installment center point since 2014.

The new improvement isn't astounding given that PayPal fellow benefactor Peter Thiel is intensely put resources into Bitcoin through the author's store, a firm he helped dispatch.

In the remark, area discloses to us what you consider PayPal applying for a patent that will permit quicker crypto installments.