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The "Super Blue Blood Moon" showed up in the night sky on Wednesday, 31 January.
Lunar fans the whole way across India surged outside to appreciate this heavenly view between 6:21 to 7:37 pm. 


As per The Hindu, the last such moon that was seen in Asian skies was on 30 December 1982. 

Just in the event that your sky was wrapped by mists or blurred by solid, we convey to you looks of this Lunar joy curated from the whole way across the globe.

The View in Indian Cities

Glowing crimson in Delhi.
(Photo Courtesy: ANI)


Super Blue Blood Moon as spotted in Kerala.
(Photo Courtesy: ANI)

Super Blue Blood Moon as spotted in Ludhiana.
(Photo Courtesy: ANI)

The Super Blood Moon From Across the Globe

Supermoon between buildings
(Photo Courtesy: ANI)

This Super Blue Blood Moon marked the end of supermoon trilogy, with the first two appearing on 3 December 2017 and 2 January 2018.