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Are you tired of all the same old holi event or party or even the roadside colony celebration? 

Do something out of the box and a little different this holi season? Go for a small trip to celebrate this vibrant and colorful festival.
Here are a few places you can visit during your holi break :

1. Lath Mar Holi at Barsana and Nandgaon

Lath Mar Holi

People at Barsana and Nandgaon(near praise this celebration in a fairly uncommon way. Every one of the women out there, ever had the inclination to hitter your spouses with sticks? This is precisely what occurs on amid this favorable celebration. Its called the Lath Mar Holi. In the sprawling compound of the Radha Rani sanctuary( the main sanctuary in the nation to be devoted to Radha) in Barsana, thousands accumulate to witness ladies thrashing men with sticks. History has it that Lord Krishna had gone to Barsana (town of Radha) and energetically prodded her and her companions. They pursued him away. Keeping in a state of harmony with this story, men from Nandgaon visit Barsana consistently just to be welcomed with laathis( sticks). Each spouse's fantasy, would it say it isn't?

2. Phoolon Ki Holi at Gulal Kund

Phoolon ki Holi

Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan hosts a week-long holi celebration, and 
Phoolon ki Holi that’s celebrated here is another take on Holi. According to another story, Krishna and Radha first played holi with flowers. This event takes places for a short duration of time. As soon as the gates open, the priests throw flowers on the devotees. In Gulal Kund, a place near Govardhan Mountain, its played after the enactment of Rasleela by the locals.

3. Mathura and Vrindavan

Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura

To get the genuine understanding into this energetic celebration, one needs to visit Mathura and Vrindavan. Being the place of Lord Krishna, the entire city springs up for Holi. It's seven days in length excessive undertaking. Braj ki Holi is stacked with hues, finger-licking sustenance, age-old conventions, and unreasonable fun. Be it at the Banke Bihari sanctuary, the Dwarkadesh sanctuary or any of the Radha Krishna sanctuary the festival is radiant. Holi is played with shaded water and gulal, a type of shading made utilizing natural substances like blooms and kesar. Goswamis (clerics in the sanctuary) sprinkle hues on everybody utilizing basins, water firearms, and so forth. The air is Lit AF with music, movement and skip.

4. Hampi

Hampi Holi Celebration Source - Facebook

Generally, South India is looked down upon when it comes to the celebration of Holi because its considered to be more of a North Indian festival. But, 
Hampi is an exception. Holi here is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Phalguna. People here celebrate holi for two days, and they splash colors and dance to drum beats followed by a nice dip in the river. This world heritage site is a must visit a site to indulge in the best of holi celebrations in Karnataka.

5. Widow’s Holi at Vrindavan

Widow's holi at Virandavan Source: Here

A huge number of dowagers even in this cutting-edge universe of our own are compelled to carry on with the life of a hermit. They are relinquished by their families and dowagers from everywhere throughout the nation come to remain in the gifts of Lord Krishna at Vrindavan. Prior, dowagers were precluded from wearing brilliant garments, not to mention commending the celebration of hues. Be that as it may, by breaking the social shackles, a unique type of Holi has been sorted out for the dowagers at Vrindavan for as far back as a couple of years. Every one of the dowagers can be seen singing bhajans, moving and whirling as one like the Radha of Lord Krishna.

6. Warrior Holi, Anandpur Sahib -Punjab

Let’s take a look at the Sikh traditions during Holi. The Hola Mohalla is celebrated in parts of Punjab in a unique unorthodox manner. Along with tossing colors, they also believe in showing their physical agility and strength by men. This showcase occurs in the form of various competitions like wrestling, arts, mock sword fights, acrobatic military exercises and turban tying.

Warrior Holi Anand Shahib Source: holidaymirchi

Celebrate the victory of good over evil in one of these offbeat, unconventional ways. The entire team of Plan the Unplanned wishing each one of you a happy and prosperous holi filled with joy, color, and happiness!

7. Huranga at Dauji temple

Source: Here

The most aggressive form of Holi. The aggression is of course of women on men 
😉 This is celebrated at the Dauji temple near Mathura.The tradition goes back almost 500 years – started by the family that established the Dauji temple. Only the traditional family takes part in this event. The devotees gather in the central courtyard of the temple, and soon after that, it turns into a battleground literally. Men pour buckets full of coloured water on the women, while the women get back at the men in a rather aggressive manner by thrashing them and ripping off their clothes. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
Blog about cryptocurrency, latest news, celebrity, Bollywood news, facts, riddle, Interesting facts, daily facts, amazing facts and latest trends.

Image result for mathura holi

Holi is one of the biggest Indian festivals and is also one of the most fun ones. Of course, there are prayers to the Gods, but the festivities then continue on the streets as colorful street festival. Though there is one main Holi day, the festivities actually start in mid-January at the time of Makar Sankranti and continue beyond the Holi day itself. If you are coming all the way to India to celebrate and capture Holi, it's highly recommended that you come early as well as stay back a little longer to capture some big events before and after the main Holi day.

The holi celebrations continue for a week in Mathura and Vrindavan. Some of the biggest events which make up this festival are :

Event 1: Lathmar Holi at Barsana and Nandgaon

24th February (Barsana) & 25th February (Nandgaon) 2018

Holi India 2017 picture Barsana Mathura Vrindavan plan
A scene from the Lather Holi festival. Pic credit: Achal Mishra
The first in this is a rather peculiar style of Holi celebrations where women chase men and beat them up with Lathis (sticks), and it’s called Lathmar Holi. There are two towns which celebrate this festival with zest and these are Barsana and Nandgaon.

Event 2: Phoolon wali Holi, Vrindavan

26th February 2018

Holi India 2017 picture Barsana Mathura Vrindavan plan
Phoolon wali Holi (Pic: Divyakashi)
Othe Ekadashi before Holi, the Banke Bihari temple at Vrindavan celebratesunique Holi which is not celebrated with conventional dry or wet colors, but with flowersand hence the name Phoolon wali holi (Flowers' Holi). The event inot as popular as the other events but is quickly getting it's due.

Event 3: Widow's Holi, Vrindavan

27th February 2018

Image result for Event 3: Widow's Holi, Vrindavan

Widows in India have always led a difficult life. They were often banished from their homes and were forced to live in ashrams in Varanasi and Vrindavan. They wore white clothes and never played with colors. A few years back the widows of Pagal Baba Widow Ashram, Vrindavan decided to break this convention and play with colors.

Event 4: Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

1st March 2018

Banke Bihari is the hub of Holi festivities in Vrindavan - believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The event here takes place just a day before the main Holi festival. The temple opens up its doors to all visitors to come and play Holi with the Lord himself. The priest throws colors and holy water and the crowd chants in unison. It's an unbelievable experience to be a part of this event. 

Event 5: Holi procession in Mathura

1st March 2018
After the Holi festivities in Vrindavan get over around 2pm, head out to Mathura to participate in the colorful Holi procession. The procession starts at Vishram Ghat and gets over a little after the Holi Gate. It's best to catch it on the street connecting the two landmarks.

Event 7Huranga at Dauji Temple

3rd March 2018

On the day after Holi, Dauji Temple, located about 30 km outside Mathura, comes alive with men getting not just beaten up but also stripped by the women :)