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It’s difficult to narrow down everything that happened at CES this year. We met tons of promising new startups and went hands-on with brand new gadgets on the floor of the expo hall, nightly events and on our Hardware Battlefield stage.

1. Plume

This is a wearable device that tracks pollution around you – kind of like a Fitbit for air quality if you will. It tracks particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. It can be clipped to a bag and is designed for people who live in big polluted cities.

The palm-sized device clips to your bag to give you real-time feedback on air pollution in your area. (source- Cnet)

2.The Smart Toaster

smart toaster sync with your smartphone (source - techcrunch)

The Griffin Connected Toaster has a slider on the app that lets you micromanage how toasty your bread is. On one side is an icon of a white piece of bread. On the other is one that’s all black. Ridiculous or brilliant?

3. Chemical Detect Sensors

Alcohol Detector Sensor (Source - TechStartups)

Checking your blood liquor content with a breathalyzer while out with a few companions may very well be a gathering trap — yet in the event that you extremely needed to know it to make sense of regardless of whether you ought to have another drink, it may be ungainly to haul one out. Milo Sensors is an organization worked around wearable sensors that distinguish different chemicals in your body in view of sweat from your skin with this wristband. 

4. Kuri

Kuri the home robot charms like (source-insider)

Kuri is a delightful little robot intended for the home. The robot is the principal item from Mayfield Robotics, a startup completely possessed and subsidized by Bosch. Kuri reacts to voice include and thusly is like different gadgets like Google Home or Amazon Echo. However, she reacts with robot clamors, lights, and flickering movements. She was worked to be a buddy and a colleague. There's a processor on board to deal with undertakings like voice and picture acknowledgment handling, and it's programmable through apparatuses like IFTTT to extend its list of capabilities.

5. Motiv’s fitness tracking ring

Motiv’s fitness tracking ring (Source - techcrunch)

Motiv’s fitness tracking ring has crammed a whole fitness band’s worth of functionality into a ring. The titanium-encased device tracks sleep and fitness, including steps, calories, and distance. It also manages to pack in an optical heart rate sensor, boasting a battery life of three to five days on one charge.

6. Virtual Reality Smart Glass


Wearables company Osterhout Design Group (ODG) unveiled its first consumer AR/VR glasses, the first to be built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip. The R-8 and R-9, two models of augmented/virtual reality smart glasses aimed at a wider range of consumers and light business users. The R-9 (pictured above) will ship around Q2 of this year and are priced around $1,799. They’re aimed at “light enterprise” and prosumer users for high-end smart glasses apps.

7. Polaroid Pop


Polaroid had a hit on its hands with the Snap. But now the company has announced Polaroid Pop, a photo-printing camera that returns to Polaroid’s iconic 3″ x 4″ size. On the rear of the device is a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD, allowing you to see your shot before it develops. The prints look pretty great.

8. Robird Drone


Birds can be an ordeal for airports, and airports need to keep the area clear of them. Clear Flight Solutions‘ Robird is a drone that flaps its wings and scares the bejesus out of other birds to keep aviation safe. Robird is designed to mimic a raptor. It flies by flapping its wings and steers by using two tail fins. It can even glide through the air for periods of time, just like a stalking bird of prey would do.

9. Willow breast pump


The Willow breast pump lets you breastfeed hands-free. The device is praised for having only a few parts and being easy to set up and clean up. Its app counterpart tracks all your milk volume, time and sessions. The pump will be available in spring 2017 for $429.


There were so many TVs at CES that its hard to stand out. But Sony’s new TV for its flagship Bravia line actually looks pretty great. It’s a 4K HDR OLED TV that Sony is calling the A1E series. The TV has an edge-to-edge design and is stand-less — meaning it sits directly on the ground and has a back leg that it leans against. This also means it doesn’t have speakers. Sony says that sound will come from the screen itself using new technology it is calling Acoustic Surface.
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Some 600 bitcoin mining computers have been stolen in Iceland, in what is being described as one of the biggest thefts ever in the small island nation.

A total of 11 people have been arrested so far after four burglaries in the Reykjanes peninsula. The computers are yet to be found and are believed to be worth almost £1.5m.

Icelandic media have dubbed the crime the “big bitcoin heist” and the thieves could potentially make more money if they use the computers to mine the cryptocurrency and then sell it. "This is a grand theft on a scale unseen before," police commissioner Olafur Helgi Kjartansson said, NBC reported. "Everything points to this being a highly organized crime." Bitcoin hit the news last year after its value increased by more than 20 times from below $1,000 to a peak of more than $20,000.

It is a digital currency that was created in 2009 by a mysterious figure using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto and can be used to buy or sell items. It doesn’t exist in physical form, there is no central bank and a record of each transaction, using anonymized strings of numbers to identify it, is stored on a huge public ledger known as a blockchain. The supply of bitcoin can only be increased by a process known as mining. For each bitcoin transaction, a computer owned by a bitcoin miner must solve a mathematical problem. The miner then receives a fraction of a bitcoin as a reward

Source link

Blog about cryptocurrency, latest news, celebrity, Bollywood news, facts, riddle, Interesting facts, daily facts, amazing facts and latest trends.
A young woman amputated from the knee breastfed a 40-day-old infant who had lost his entire family in the bombings.

The UN Security Council has unanimously demanded a 30-day ceasefire in Syria, as new air strikes on the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta took the civilian death toll from seven days of bombing to more than 500.

With support from Russia, the Security Council adopted a resolution on the ceasefire to allow for humanitarian aid deliveries and medical evacuations, but the measure did not specify when the truce would go into the force beyond saying it should be "without delay."

After the council vote Saturday, Syrian warplanes backed by Russian air power launched new raids on a town in Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

At least 127 children are among the 519 dead in the bombing campaign that the regime launched last Sunday on the rebel enclave, just outside Damascus, the British-based monitor said.

At least 41 civilians were killed in Saturday's strikes, including eight children. Russia has denied taking part in the assault.

Quickly following up on the vote, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak by phone Sunday with Russian President Vladimir Putin to push for the truce to take hold "in the coming days," the Elysee palace said in a statement.

To this end, France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will also go to Moscow on Tuesday.

The UN vote was initially expected to be held Thursday but was repeatedly delayed as diplomats were locked in tough negotiations to avoid a veto from Russia, which is militarily supporting President Bashar Al-Assad.

"Every minute the council waited on Russia, the human suffering grew," US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council after the vote, accusing Moscow of stalling.

"As they dragged out the negotiations, the bombs from Assad's fighter jets continued to fall. In the three days, it took us to adopt this resolution, how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling?"

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia rejected accusations of foot-dragging, saying that negotiations were needed to arrive at a demand for a ceasefire that was "feasible."

"What is necessary is for the demands of the Security Council to be underpinned by concrete on-the-ground agreements," he said.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who has described Eastern Ghouta as "hell on Earth," said the ceasefire must be "immediately" implemented.

To win Russia's approval, language specifying that the ceasefire would start 72 hours after the adoption was scrapped, replaced by "without delay," and the term "immediate" was dropped in reference to aid deliveries and evacuations.

In another concession to Moscow, the ceasefire will not apply to operations against the Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda, along with "individuals, groups, undertakings and entities" associated with the terror groups.

That would allow the Syrian government offensive to continue against Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in Idlib, the last province in Syria outside the control of Damascus.

French Ambassador Francois Delattre said it was now important to ensure the ceasefire turns into reality on the ground, vowing to be "extremely vigilant... in the hours to come and the days to come."

"Nothing would be worse than seeing this resolution remain a dead letter," he said.

Russia has vetoed 11 draft resolutions throughout the Syrian conflict to block action that targeted its ally.

In November, it used its veto to end a UN-led investigation of chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

In Eastern Ghouta, news of the UN vote on the ceasefire was greeted with a shrug.

"I don't think this decision will be implemented. It will be respected neither by the regime nor Russia," said Abu Mazen, a resident of Douma, Eastern Ghouta's main town.

"We can't trust Russia or the regime. We are used to their betrayals," he added.

Control of Eastern Ghouta is shared between two main Islamist factions, while Syria's former Al-Qaeda affiliate is also present.

Russia has been pressing for a negotiated withdrawal of rebel fighters and their families like the one that saw the government retake full control of Syria's second city Aleppo in December 2016.

But all three rebel groups have refused.

World leaders have expressed outrage at the plight of civilians in Eastern Ghouta.

The enclave is surrounded by government-controlled territory, and its 400,000 residents are unwilling or unable to flee the deadly siege.

In one of the many unfolding dramas at a field hospital in Douma, a young woman amputated from the knee breastfed a 40-day-old infant who had lost his entire family in the bombings.

Food supplies have been running dry, with bread no longer available on local markets.

The cornered rebels in Eastern Ghouta have been firing back into Damascus, where six civilians were wounded Saturday, state media said.

Around 20 people have been killed in eastern districts of the capital since last Sunday, according to state media.

More than 340,000 people have been killed and millions driven from the homes in the war, which in March enters its eighth year with no diplomatic solution in sight.
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Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest, confirmed her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. She was 54. The first female superstar of Bollywood was reportedly with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi at the time of death.

Sridevi passed away in Dubai early Sunday morning after a massive cardiac arrest. Social media is being flooded with condolences as the news of her death spread.

Sridevi, known for her versatility as an actor, made her Bollywood debut in 1978 with "Solva Sawan". But it was only after five years with Jeetendra-starrer "Himmatwala" that she gained commercial success.

Before her entry into Bollywood, the actor had been a known face in South Indian films. She made her debut as a child artist in in Tamil film "Thunaivan" in 1969. She also worked in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films.

Sridevi was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honour, in 2013.

Sridevi's beguiling eyes, scintillating screen presence and acting prowess soon made her one of the most sought-after actors in the Hindi film industry. While films like "Mawaali" (1983), "Tohfa" (1984), "Mr India" (1987) and "Chandni" (1989) kept her at the top in the box-office game, her outings like "Sadma" (1983), "ChaalBaaz" (1989), "Lamhe" (1991), and "Gumrah" (1993) earned her critical acclaim.

She went on a hiatus for 15 years after starring in home production "Judaai", co-starring her brother-in-law Anil Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar. It was director Gauri Shinde's "English Vinglish" in 2012 that marked Sridevi's comeback.

Her nuanced performance as a middle-class woman, learning to speak English to feel accepted by her family, won accolades, and the film was also a commercial success. Last year, she was seen in revenge-drama, "Mom", opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna. She also shot for a special appearance in superstar Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film, "Zero", which releases in December.

Minutes after the news of her death broke, many Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Sidharth Malhotra and Riteish Deshmukh took to Twitter to pay their condolences.

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The price volatility is still a problem for merchants, said Rainey in a WSJ interview.

Bitcoin may succeed in the future as a payment system, but it may take years, said the CFO of PayPal John Rainey in a WSJ interview.

Given the volatility of Bitcoin right now, it’s not a reliable currency for transactions because if you’re a merchant and you have a 10% profit margin, and you accept bitcoin, and the very next day bitcoin drops 15%, you are now underwater on that transaction," said Rainey.

Rainey went on to present the Venmo payment platform, which has social media features and appeals to Millenial consumers for the ability to share purchases. At the same time, crypto payments are still tending toward anonymity, and in fact, more users are trying to obscure their crypto holdings.

Currently, the advantage of PayPal is the wider merchant acceptance, as well as payment speed:

"It’s important to make it a more frictionless experience: 60% to 70% of all shopping experiences begin on mobile in the U.S., so there is a ton of friction in typing in your credit-card number and address that can be eliminated. With PayPal One Touch, with a simple fingerprint or click of a button you can follow through with a purchase," added Rainey.

Crypto coins are seeing a slower adoption, but the most current round of expansion comes from Litecoin, expecting to popularize the literary approach in 2018.

At the moment, the Bitcoin network has survived the unexplained transaction overload of the past months, and there are less than 4,000 pending transactions, with a speed of more than 28 transactions per second. Because of the high network power, a single transaction has become more expensive not only in terms of minor fees but in terms of electricity: more than 749 KW/h of electricity go toward one transaction.
The cost of electricity is only partially covered by miner fees, and it is difficult to trace who absorbs the real cost. Miners usually cover their costs by selling the block rewards, and thus most of the electricity bill is paid by Bitcoin speculators.
But there is a more worrying reason for the low network load: there are less overall Bitcoin transactions:

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If you need to report a situation involving an animal in immediate danger, please call our office immediately on 022 4072 7382. If you are calling after hours (between 6 pm and 9:30 am Monday through Friday), please call our emergency number: (0) 98201 22602. If an animal is injured, please remain with the animal until help is secured.
If you have witnessed an illegal act of cruelty to an animal, please document all the relevant details and file a First Information Report with the police immediately. If you have witnessed an illegal act of cruelty to wildlife, please also contact a forest officer via your state’s forest department. Their contact details can usually be found easily on the internet. Animal protection laws can be found on the Ministry of Environment and Forests website ( under “Rules and Regulations” as well as on the Animal Welfare Board of India website (
You might also need to contact a veterinarian or animal protection group close to where you live for urgent help. If you live in India, veterinarians can be found by using the search engine at, and government-employed veterinarians can be found by contacting your state’s animal husbandry department. Veterinarians experienced in working with wildlife can be found through your state’s forest department. Directories of animal protection groups throughout India can be found at the links listed below. Please note that PETA has not had the opportunity to work with every group listed and cannot guarantee the quality of service, so please stay with the injured or wounded the animal and make sure that the animal is properly treated and tended to or put out of his or her misery, not left to languish.
Never allow an animal to remain in danger. Please contact PETA any time you need further assistance.
You can find local animal protection groups or veterinarians through the following websites:
  • World Animal Net offers a directory of animal protection groups around the world.
  • We for Animals provides listings of veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, animal ambulances and animal welfare organizations in India.
  • People for Animals lists contact information for all its units across India.
A list of state-wise Honorary Animal Welfare Officers as recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India can be found here.
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The decision to issue a NOC by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting National History and Literary Heritage is yet to be taken on the release of a foreign feature film ‘Padman’ as the film has not yet been reviewed by the Central Board of Film Censors.

Women In Pakistan Say ‘We Bleed Too’ 

A Few Men Speak Up Too

Director of PadMan, R Balki says it is shame that a film that endeavours to eradicate the stigma towards menstrual hygiene is being seen in this negative light.

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Another Indian Army camp has been assaulted, this time at Sunjuwan. Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) fear mongers sneaked into the camp in the early hours of Saturday morning, entered the family quarters of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and began terminating at 5 am. 

Starting at 1 pm, the loss of life remained at two jawans slaughtered and six, including the girl of a JCO, were harmed. The region organization has solicited schools inside 500 meters from the armed force camp to stay close. Terminating should have halted at 6 am, however there aren't any reports about whether the terrorist(s) are still stayed. The armed force is wanting to get them alive, however the task is in no way, shape or form over. It might take a couple of more hours, and the likelihood of more losses can't be precluded. 

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has addressed DGP of Jammu and Kashmir with respect to the occurrence. Media reports discuss the zone being cordoned off; they say the armed force will talk in regards to a "fitting reaction" at the time and place. Another surgical strike might be requested; the armed force will challenge Pakistan's atomic blustering; et cetera. Correspondents are requesting to know how the fear based oppressors figured out how to dive so deep into Indian region — as though this is occurring out of the blue as though Pathankot was spot on the fringe. The media is hypothesizing that Pakistan is "utilizing fear based oppressors since it's terrified of India". They are calling the psychological oppressors the 'Afzal Guru Squad of the JeM'.

No point in chasing elusive peace with Pakistan; better if India pays back in same coin

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The US porn star August Ames passed away after being called a ‘homophobe.”
Ms. Ames was branded a ‘homophobe’ on Twitter last week when she revealed that she pulled out of a movie that was starring a ‘crossover.’

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

In the tweet, she wrote about the replacement saying that the replacement will be shooting with a gay performer. 

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

She later was accused of discrimination against a gay community.

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

She wrote a tweet again saying, “Sorry, it was just my opinion. My body, my rules. Honestly, I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

The tweet drew a lot of her colleagues and coworkers online calling her statements extremely unfair while there were also some who were in favor of her. 
Nick Capra said, “Maybe the stupidest woman I’ve come across in 15 years of this industry. Next time use your brain when openly being a c*** on Twitter.”

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

According to Ms. Ames, she was just protective of her body because she was not willing to risk anything. 
She said, ” I have nothing to apologize for. Apologising for taking extra steps to ensure that my body stays safe?”

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

Sadly, she is no more. The reason, however, is still unknown. 

pornstar August Ames dies after controversial tweet

Jaxton Wheeler wrote, “The world is awaiting your apology or for you to swallow a cyanide pill.  Either or we’ll take it.”
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On Wednesday (January 31), individuals were in for a triple regard as a blue moon, a supermoon, and an entire lunar obscuration — all moved into one.

Yesterday, we have posted the pic of super blue blood moon across the globe.


According to the Indian Express :

Excited to witness the event, many social media users took to Twitter to share their joy. Meanwhile, the others were – as usual – busy cracking jokes and making memes. While one user tweeted funny photoshopped images of what the moon might look like, others revealed how they were prepping for it. Read some reactions here.

Very excited for the tonight!
Sorry, I meant
Sorry, I meant
Sorry, I meant
Is it just me or does that emoji look like a cookie...
The of 31st Jan is the largest of 2018. It is also a , being the 2nd of the month, & a , as this is its colour during the that will also occur now. 8:26 EST, 13:26 GMT. Do you feel snowed under ?
Shall I sing "हम तो हैं परदेस में देस में निकला होगा चाँद " ?
When you be like ‘Dekho chand aaya, chand nazar aaya’ and decides to be like ‘Chand chupa badal mein’ ....

What do you think about the super blue blood moon? Please share your thoughts in comments. STAY TUNED !!