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Indian origin based Delhi born girl Priya Anjali Rai who is one of the famous porn stars in America has recently celebrated her birthday and today we are going to tell you guys some unknown facts about her as she turned more naughty at her 40th birthday.

Priya Rai is a popular adult star in the western countries. But many do not know that she is Indo-American and her full name is Priya Anjali Rai and was born on 25 December 1977. She was born in Delhi, India but was adopted by an American couple when she was two years old.

This sex serine was raised in Minnesota and left her studies in between to pursue her career as an adult star. Priya earlier worked as a fashion and swimwear model prior to working as a porn star.

Priya kicked off her career as a stripper first and maintained her Indian name. In the year 2007, she joined porn industry and has a crazy fan following just like Sunny Leone. In the year 2013, she also starred in a horror movie named Isis Rising: Curse of The Lady Mummy. In the movie, she played a role of sexy supernatural antagonist.

The actress believes that her Indian face makes her stand out from the rest and gives her an edge over the others. She has received many awards as well in past. There were rumors surrounding back then that she was asked to participate in Bigg Boss season 6.

She said goodbye to her porn career in 2013 to focus on acting and personal life. Rai had earlier announced that she was engaged to a businessman who doesn’t work in the porn industry.
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Parineeti Chopra, who is known for taking photos and videos from the sets of her crew on Instagram, recently shared a picture from her holiday in Australia. In the picture, Pari is seen diving in one of the beautiful wonders of the natural world – The Great Barrier Reef. She is seen in close contact with the underwater nature where she is enjoying her dive.

Parineeti Chopra, who was recently appointed as the Friend of Australia, was seen holidaying and promoting the stunning landscapes of Australia. This time, she explored the city of Melbourne and Sydney and her trip couldn’t be completed without visiting Hamilton Island and experiencing the scenic and picturesque beauty.

The 'Meri Pyari Bindu' star captioned the picture writing, "Diving in the Great Barrier Reef again!!! Can’t get enough of diving in life!"
A professional scuba diver, Parineeti Chopra dived again for the second time in the Great Barrier Reef and her experience this time was just beyond words.

Talking about her experience, Parineeti says, "I have had such a great time traveling around Australia during my previous visits and this one. It’s just been an instant connect with the destination and the people, and advocating it has really been effortless. So far I have traveled to Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales and my experiences in this beautiful country just keep getting better. Australia’s food and wine, nature, unique wildlife, aquatic experiences are a perfect combination of an ideal holiday destination and I look forward to inspiring more Indian travelers to visit."
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The Most Bubblelicious Butts on Instagram

1. Amanda Elise Lee

This Beverly Hills-based fitness trainer hasn't just mastered the art of taking a picture-perfect belfie — she's honed in on exactly which exercises lift her booty, to the delight of her 10.2 million followers. Here are the butt moves she performs on the regular.

A post shared by Amanda Lee (@amandaeliselee) on

2. Jen Selter

Jen Selter has a belfie pose named after her: Just look up #seltering to figure out what that's all about. Then try Jen's go-to butt moves.

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on 

3. Lyzabeth Lopez

Creator of the Hourglass Workout, this Canada-based fitness trainer is living proof that her hardcore moves deliver — that is, deliver a butt that looks remarkably like Kim Kardashian's.

A post shared by Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez) on 

4. Julia Gilas

Fitness model Julia Gilas might make it look easy to win Instagram with belfies (after all, she's got 5 million followers) but her gym posts prove she puts in the time.

A post shared by Julia Gilas (@juliagilas) on 

5. Sommer Ray

Model Sommer Ray has 16.5 million Instagram followers — and a workout routine that explains her booty gains.

A post shared by Sommer Ray (@sommerray) on 

6. Yovanna Ventura

That Yovanna can somehow make control-top tights look sexy speaks to her shapely appeal: The animal lover has a fierce fitness regime that helps her lift and round her backside.

A post shared by Yovanna Ventura (@yoventura) on 

7.Bruna Rangel Lima

This Brazilian butt girl has an online booty-building guide, and you don't have to look much further than her Instagram page for proof that it can ~round~ out your routine.

A post shared by Bruna Rangel Lima (@xoobruna) on 

8.Sami B

A registered nurse and certified fitness trainer, Sami B shows her more than 861,000 followers how to slay booty workouts. #Buttspo, anyone?

A post shared by Sami B (@leanmachine21) on 

9. Melissa Molinaro

Dancer/model/fit girl butt workouts are no joke, according to the insanely difficult moves she posts on Instagram

10. Jessica Arevalo

Bodybuilder and model Jessica Arevalo aren't shy about showing off her booty or sharing her lower-body workouts, which might include 6 sets of 20 reps of barbell squats.

Courtesy: cosmopolitan

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Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest, confirmed her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. She was 54. The first female superstar of Bollywood was reportedly with her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Khushi at the time of death.

Sridevi passed away in Dubai early Sunday morning after a massive cardiac arrest. Social media is being flooded with condolences as the news of her death spread.

Sridevi, known for her versatility as an actor, made her Bollywood debut in 1978 with "Solva Sawan". But it was only after five years with Jeetendra-starrer "Himmatwala" that she gained commercial success.

Before her entry into Bollywood, the actor had been a known face in South Indian films. She made her debut as a child artist in in Tamil film "Thunaivan" in 1969. She also worked in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films.

Sridevi was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honour, in 2013.

Sridevi's beguiling eyes, scintillating screen presence and acting prowess soon made her one of the most sought-after actors in the Hindi film industry. While films like "Mawaali" (1983), "Tohfa" (1984), "Mr India" (1987) and "Chandni" (1989) kept her at the top in the box-office game, her outings like "Sadma" (1983), "ChaalBaaz" (1989), "Lamhe" (1991), and "Gumrah" (1993) earned her critical acclaim.

She went on a hiatus for 15 years after starring in home production "Judaai", co-starring her brother-in-law Anil Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar. It was director Gauri Shinde's "English Vinglish" in 2012 that marked Sridevi's comeback.

Her nuanced performance as a middle-class woman, learning to speak English to feel accepted by her family, won accolades, and the film was also a commercial success. Last year, she was seen in revenge-drama, "Mom", opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna. She also shot for a special appearance in superstar Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film, "Zero", which releases in December.

Minutes after the news of her death broke, many Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Sidharth Malhotra and Riteish Deshmukh took to Twitter to pay their condolences.

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The hottest stars on YouTube might spend most of their time in pixelated worlds, but make no mistake: They’re collecting millions of dollars in cold, hard cash. Nearly half of our annual list of the top-earning YouTube celebrities are gamers, with gamers occupying the top two spots. 

1. Daniel Middleton -DanTDM (16.5 million dollars)

2. Evan Fong - VanossGaming (15.5 million dollars)

3. Dude Perfect (14 million dollars)

4. Mark Fischbach Markiplier (draw 12.5 million dollars)

5. Logan Paul (draw 12.5 million dollars)

6. Felix Kjellberg - PewDiePie (12 million dollars)

7. Jake Paul (11.5 million dollars)

8. Smosh (tie 11 million dollars)

9. Ryan Toys Review ($ 11 million times)

10. Lily Singh (10.5 million dollars)

Courtesy Forbes, images google
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Meet Instagram star - and your newest body-positive inspiration - Raylynn, a 24-year-old with a powerful message for all of us. Her account went viral after she shared pictures that proudly show off her 70-inch bum, and it's such a joy to see her celebrate her beautiful shape.

Whenever we talk about someone with a big butt, we think about very select celebs – like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj etc. Their reputation with the big butts is known throughout. But still, they have to thank the plastic surgeons for giving them the titles.

But what if I tell you that there is a girl who has buttocks much bigger than any of these celebrities and that too no thanks to botox. So, step aside Nicki Minaj! This girl will give even them a run for their money!

Have a look at her, guys!

A post shared by Love Randalin ( on

Here’s Raylynn from Atlanta, Georgia. She appears to be a regular girl – pretty, bold and confident. But there’s something that she is quite flaunting about.

Confident of her curves

Raylynn isn’t just a confident girl, this star Instagrammer has a whole account she has dedicated to being proud of her curves. Oh wait, you’re yet to believe it. Read on, to check more about her.

Damn, those curves!

Her casual, candid selfies get maximum likes, and she’s known for her natural looks. You must be wondering if it’s fake? Let me assure you that it isn’t.
Before you think it’s fake, lemme tell you that Raylynn has a huge Instagram fanbase and people take tips from her on how to have a huge and an attractive butt.

Raylynn is a strong supporter of Body Positivity. She loves to share some self-love among youth and body acceptance. This raises the question – what is the secret behind her 70-inch butt?

She has been accused, all over the internet, about using Photoshop tricks to make herself look curvier than what she actually is. But that is not what’s behind her secret.

“I’m not a porn star, I’m not going to be a porn star,” she told Daily Mail.

She adds – “You’d got to be talking a million. I have a daughter, she doesn’t want to see her mama’s vagina on the internet. Modelling, advertising, workouts, is where I’m heading to shape my figure into a better bigger booty.”

Business opportunity
Raylynn uses her unusual body shape as an asset for a business opportunity, charging fans a monthly subscription for photos and videos of her. You can Follow Raylynn on her Instagram Account. Share this article with your friends and despite this being the story of a large badonkadonk, spread the message of body-positivity.
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Kelly Brook, an English actress, and model, supposedly has the perfect body, according to science.

One In A Million
Scientists from the University of Texas asked the opinion of men and women regarding what they think is the perfect body. Their build measurements were 34-24-34 which turns out to Kelly Brook’s build, which probably is the perfect build according to most people.

Each and every part of her body including hair, hips, waist, breasts, and face was part of the research and Kelly Brook came out on top in every single area

If you don’t believe them, take a look at this picture and ask yourself if you still have any doubts!

Fortunately, people didn’t vote for a stick figure build which seems to be the trend in the fashion world nowadays. A full figured woman is much better.

No matter what dress she is wearing, she is always a bombshell.

To be honest, we prefer when she’s wearing the minimum! Anyways, she probably is the “perfect woman” of this generation.
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Let me freak you out for a second. You know what Artificial Intelligence is right? I mean, no , but quickly, its a 'deep learning' that's basically enable machine to do the tasks which require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages. A.I. will be our future and every field in our industry and society is adopting it to move the humanity into a digitally-driven world. This deep learning can be put together to machine learning algorithm that can swap a recorded video with real-time face tracking, it means we can make anyone do the things and say the things in the video they never did. The last bit is where the freak-out comes in.

About DeepFakes

From the front page page of internet : reddit, here comes a redditor named deepfakes who has recently posted some hardcore porn featuring the faces of Scarlett johansson, Massie williams, Taylor swift and our wonder-woman Gal Gadot . Fake celebrity porn is a decade old practice but these videos are quite promising and opened a new darkest window for these fake artists.This is the same technology which created the late Paul Walker's postmortem performance in the FURIOUS 7.
It can easily fool anybody and is quite believable and also anyone who looks closely can easily trace the fake live faces in the video. But as a new comer in this genre, this is threatening for the world and throws a new possibility to the field of obscene content on the internet which will be completely un-ethical to the grounds.


Image result for deepfakes reddit GIF

↪The above video featuring Gal Gadot aka wonder woman is released by this deepfakes guy and it seems terrifyingly realistic. Although this is done via his technology to face  any swap with real time video editing software.There are many more videos with real porn act and having celebrities faces like Priyanka chopra, Massie Williams and other Hollywood actresses. You can easily access these deepfakes porn on any porn sites like pornhub.
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If you're anything like us, your Instagram feed is full of carefully framed selfies and snaps of your latest #ootd. (Because, what else?) The app was pretty much made for fashion. And while we're not style blogger status and getting paid thousands for a single post, we've all gone to embarrassing extremes to get a good photo, a.k.a. one that will get maximum likes. Now there's a new tool to improve your Instagram pictures, starting at the foundation of it all: your outfit.
Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed an algorithm that will analyze your photo and make suggestions to improve it. As explained in the report provided by the Computer Vision Foundation, "People want to look good; business or casual, elegant or sporty, sexy but not slutty, and of course trendy, particularly so when putting their picture online. Our goal is to learn and predict how fashionable a person looks on a photograph and suggest subtle improvements the user could make to improve her/his appeal." Um… yes, please!

The researchers mined data from, a social website where users share photos of their outfits. Using the site's 144,169 posts, the team was able to amass highly detailed statistics for each user, their photo and the fashion it features, along with the comments and response it received from the rest of the Chictopia community. This Fashion144k Dataset, as it's called, revealed certain correlations and patterns between aspects of a post and the interest it generated, which information the smart folks in Toronto then crunched and coded into their intricate (and seriously brilliant) fashionability-predicting algorithm.
Input a photo and the algorithm assesses "the type of outfit and garments, the type of user, the setting/scenery of the photograph, and fashionability of the user's photograph." Then, the code will churn out a rich set of feedback including outfit recommendations, suggested locations to show off your look, plus notes on how well it fits, the lighting and angle of the photo, and other similar elements that may affect the aesthetic quality.
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A few banks in Australia began revealing another installment framework they're calling NPP, or "New Payments Platform." 


Up to this point, sending residential assets to move in Australia starting with one bank then onto the next could take a few days. It was moderate and awkward.

With NPP, installments are about momentary. 

What's more, instead of assets exchanges being confined to the banks' typical business hours, installments by means of NPP can be booked and sent every minute of every day.

Over the world in the United States, the residential saving money framework has been taking a shot at something comparable.

Residential bank moves in the Land of the Free commonly execute through an electronic system known as ACH… another moderate and awkward stage that frequently takes 2-5 days to exchange stores.

It's really ludicrous that it takes more than a couple of minutes to exchange cash. It's 2018! Dislike these folks need to stack bags brimming with money onto horse-drawn wagons and truck them the nation over.

(Furthermore, regardless of whether they did, I speculate the cash would achieve its goal speedier than with ACH… )

Beginning before the end of last year, however, US banks gradually started to take off something many refer to as the Real-time Payment framework (RTP), which is like what Australian banks propelled yesterday.

[That stated, the banks themselves recognize that it could take quite a while to completely receive RTP and incorporate the new administration with their current web-based keeping money platforms.]

What's more, past the US and Australia, there are different cases of managing an accounting framework around the globe joining the 21st century and influencing significant jumps to forward in their installment framework innovations.

It appears to be really clear they're all playing make up for lost time with digital money.

The quick ascent of Bitcoin and different cryptographic forms of money demonstrated to the managing an account framework that it's conceivable to direct continuous [or close genuine time] exchanges, and not need to sit tight 2-5 days for an installment to clear.

Joined with other new innovations like Peer-to-Peer loaning stages, gathering pledges sites, and so on., customers are presently ready to perform almost every budgetary exchange imaginable– stores, advances, exchanges, etc.– WITHOUT utilizing a bank.

What's more, it's just showing signs of improvement for customers… which implies it's just deteriorating for banks.

These dangers from contending advances have at long last constrained the banks to innovate– truly without precedent for DECADES.

I'm not kidding.

At the point when the CEO of the organization propelling RTP in the US reported the stage, he conceded that the "RTP framework will be the primary new installments framework in the U.S. in over 40 years."

That is totally lamentable. The Internet has been around for a long time. Indeed, even PayPal is almost 20 years of age.

However, regardless of the huge advances in innovation in the course of recent decades, the last real development in bank installments was back when Saturday Night Fever was the #1 motion picture in America.

Banks have been perched on their trees for quite a long time, making the most of their imposing business model over our investment funds without the scarcest motivation to make strides.

Cryptographic money has turned out to be a noteworthy punch in the gut. The whole keeping money framework keeled over in amazement over Bitcoin's ascent, and they've been compelled to think of an answer.

Also, to be reasonable, the banks have recovered the preferred standpoint until further notice.

NPP, RTP, and the various new conventions are speedier and more effective than generally digital currencies.

Bitcoin, for instance, can just deal with around 3-7 exchanges for each second. Ethereum Classic maxes at around 15 exchanges for each second. Litecoin isn't greatly improved.

By correlation, there were 25 BILLION assets moves in 2016 utilizing the ACH arrange in the US.

In view of the run of the mill occasion plan and the banks' 8-hour working days, that is a normal "throughput" of around 3500 exchanges for each second.

In this way, now that banks have at last made sense of how to direct a huge number of exchanges every second continuously, they obviously have predominance.

In any case, that prevalence is impossible over last.

It takes banks a very long time to improve. They have gigantic bureaucratic obstacles to overcome. They have unlimited boards of trustees to assuage, including the Federal Reserve's "Quicker Payments Task Force."

Also, above all, given that most banks are as yet utilizing foolishly out of date programming, any new frameworks they create must be deliberately intended for in reverse similarity.

Cryptofinance and other budgetary innovation organizations have no such constraints.

As my associate, Tama said in the podcast we discharged yesterday, the digital currency space kind of exists in 'pooch years'.

Things move so rapidly that one year in crypto resembles 7 years for some other industry.

At this moment there is right around a bound together push over the crypto segment to illuminate the 'versatility' issue, i.e. to safely execute a close boundless number of exchanges continuously.

Those arrangements will without a doubt originate from advances that you haven't heard particularly about yet. 

Hashgraph and Radix, for instance, are two such ventures dealing with to a great degree rich installment arrangements that think outside the box of past cryptos.

As opposed to expanding upon standard digital money ideas like blockchain, Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake, both Hashgraph and Radix have made their own particular calculations starting with no outside help.

This is the forefront of the cutting edge of a hugely troublesome area that has existed for not as much as 10 years.

What's more, there are truly many different organizations and advances going for comparative statures.

Some of them will without a doubt succeed. What's more, still different endeavors that won't be imagined for a considerable length of time will have yet more problematic power later on.

The banks don't stand a shot. The eventual fate of fund totally has a place with crypto.
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We found the young lady who has overwhelmed the web by her charming and cute articulation, she is none other than Priya Prakash Varrier. Her clasp from her appeared motion picture, got viral in which she was seen winking to a kid and furthermore a various articulation which got each kid's heart running in a moment. She has turned into the web sensation in a matter of seconds. 


Here is each modest detail you have to think about the south Indian youthful on-screen character Priya Prakash Varrier.

Her full name is Priya Prakash Varrier. She additionally has a moniker 'Riya' which her loved ones use, to call her. She is a performing artist and model by calling. Priya appeared in the south business with her film, Oru Adair Love [the viral clasp is the piece of this movie]. She has dark shaded eyes and the shading her hair is darker which is somewhat twisted. She is presently 18 years of age and has a place with Punkunnam, Thrissur. Her ethnicity is Malayali.

She also happens to have an Instagram account with more than 286k followers.


Priya was conceived in Thrissur, Kerela. She is Indian by nationality. She happens to know two dialects, Malayalam which is the nearby dialect of Kerela and English. Priya got qualified and did her tutoring from Vimala College, Thrissur. Also, Right now, she is doing and is a first-year understudy. Her Father's name is Prakash Varrier. 

With regards to her Hobbies, She is dependent on listening music, Dancing, and voyaging. Indeed, he side interests say a great deal in regards to her carefree and out-going identity. She is at this moment Single which is a decent sign for all the young men pulverizing on her. 


Her appeared film, Oru Adaar Love will discharge on third March 2018. The film is coordinated by Omar Lulu.
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SocialCelebs is an A-grade monetization tool for influential people to capitalize on their potential income from their own fanbase! SocialCelebs switches your main income stream from traditional marketing and promotion to giving back to your fans. Fans can get the opportunity to interact with social media stars and the stars can turn 100,000 Followers into $1000/day.

SocialCelebsApp a utility tool that can help social media stars monetize and capitalize their fan base.


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It is a utility tool that enables fans to make money by interacting with influential people they 'follow' on social media. Not only can fans ask controversial questions or set challenges, but they also have the opportunity to make a profit at the same time.

View the video below to understand the strategy we have developed for fans to ensure they have the best possible chance of getting a video response from celebrities.

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